Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cliches to live by

Well, never a dull moment is there? Or is it a "first time for everything" or "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" or "where one door closes another opens"...all these sayings have run through my mind recently when my services were terminated by my employer due to the fact that I wasn't economically viable. I'd been in the position a total of 5 months after leaving a job of 9 years plus. Great timing ... right when the GFC (Global Financial Crisis - is it really?) hit. I can sure pick it!! Forty +, fired and fat...mmm sounds like a book title! Oh wait it is! Must read it or do I need to? I might write my own and add free and fabulous to the title. "A blessing in disguise". Absolutely! I would never have made such a momentous decision to throw in the towel when I have financial commitments that I do... school fees for 2 teenagers, mortgage, renovation, car payments. Too scary. But guess what? 3 months later, I'm still going!Yes my life is different, yes there is seriously less money coming in, yes I am happier.

I was determined to view this as the opportunity of a lifetime. I've been on the bones of my arse before (post divorce, flea of a self employed can imagine) and I've survived, so I know I can do it. I pledged to myself that this was the opportunity to follow dreams and live my life honouring my true core values - gone was the "when the girls finish school". (Aside - they LOVE having me around more.) Never again would I work for morally bankrupt people. I mean do you really want to hear about the $3000 handbag purchased for his wife and be told that this decision was extremely difficult but it was the difference between him losing everything? Yes there is anger in that statement, but there is also humour. I found a card in a shop that simply had "schmuck" written on the front. Did I laugh? You betcha...and no I didn't send it. Unfortunately, I have to admit the schmuck did me the biggest favour. Ain't that the way. I mean I'd love to have him kneecapped, and not just for my sake - for everyone that he has treated in this abysmal fashion. It's hard to fathom there hasn't been a class action against the man. Anyways now I'm getting sidetracked.

What am I doing now? Working in retail at a fruit and veg market and a fabric shop! AND making my bags for a market stall I'm having at Doing a course in textile design, cooking and reading more and being more available for my beautiful girls.

A dear friend once said to me "do what you love and the money will follow" so I'm putting that theory to the test. I don't doubt that I'm resourceful, but in an age of consumerism, perhaps I've become too reliant on easy consumer fixes, so I'm putting my resourcefulness to the test and refining that skill again. I think of my maternal grandmother, who lived through war time England - she would be proud!

I've added a slide show titled tea cups (I collect demi tasse cups) ....don't you love "gran"?!