Friday, November 29, 2013

The Crooked Fork Cafe in Victoria Park

A great new little café has opened up in Victoria Park - The Crooked Fork.  I've sampled their coffee and a gluten free Panini and the verdict?....Yum!  All their coffees are the same price - you don't get hit with extra for soy, rice or whatever your pleasure.  Love it!

And I love the black and red décor.  The owners believe in up-cycling so all the fittings are sourced or scrounged from around the place.  Hence the lights...great idea. It's well worth a try if you're passing by.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Floral fabric play

For a bit of fun the other day I pulled out all my largish scale floral fabric and started laying them out in a totally random way.  I'd like to whip up a quilt from big squares to show off the fabric design.  Here was the first play around.  I've stacked them all back up again in one tall tower and will have some more play time with them soon.  The pinks and oranges and reds are jumping out at me for this quilt - I've already named it..."Spring has Sprung"...even though it might not be finished until next winter, or the one after that.. ... quilts and time frames just don't go together really do they?  :)))

Friday, November 22, 2013

Snippets from my little corner of the world

So a little itty bit of sewing has been going on in my little corner.  A few more blocks sewn for my scrappy 9 patch above.
A quilt top pinned and ready to be hand quilted...exciting will be my first attempt.  I'm a bit nervous and not sure how to begin, so I'll watch a few online tutorials first I think, but I have cotton, needles and hoop at the ready.

In the space on the mezzanine where I work I have my knick knacks collected during my childhood and my travels.  Each one of them is a very special memory.  Here's foxy.  A little ceramic red fox.  I just love his attitude! He was given to me by one of my English Great Aunts, arriving in an oh-so-exciting-Christmas package one year.  We were so lucky with the generosity of our English rellies.  Packages would arrive via sea mail every year and be placed under the tree tantalising us in the lead up to Christmas.

And so I digress from my progress report.  Another 2 blocks for my Scrappy Trip Around the World...below.

And here's where I sit and hexie away.  Pamela one of my childhood dolls keeps me company in her rocking chair.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A dog's life....

"Oh thanks Soooze, did you put that cushion there just for me?"

Tilly, " gotta love a good pillow".


''Where's my pillow?"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Whistle stop blog post

The only crafting I did this weekend was admiration!  I spent a whole 5 minutes throwing my growing hexie quilt over my king sized bed to see how much more I needed to do.  A bit yet, but I am getting closer and closer all the time... The side view here shows you another row of flowers is needed.  It was oh so exciting to see ma beauty spread across it's future home.  Hugs to all :)