Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More hexagons....

Wow 2 days in a row and the post is working - here's a close up of my hexies - 1 1/2 inch - I'm working towards a queen size quilt. I think I'll need 1000 or so and I've done about 700. Tonight is craft night with others who share my love. Can't wait.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I beginning to think I'm not meant to blog...every time I go to post something doesn't work properly. I tried to post months ago about my hexies but the photos just wouldn't upload that day so I've been absent in disgust. I've worked through that now and thought I'd try again and Voila it works... aaaahhh go figure. I have been working on a hexagon quilt for at least 4 months. I started with incredible gusto however, a couple of other projects have recently taken over. I banged a quilt top together in a week and a crochet rug. All of them are GFC projects. Nothing new can be bought - i have to draw on all the resources I've acquired. Cash flow is at the worst it's been in 10 years since I was on the single parent pension and my ex wasn't contributing a thing. Losing my job and deciding to work 4 days to try and strike a balance with home, teenagers etc has seen the income dribble to a trickle! It's excruciating and my hand is being forced back to full time work in the not too distant future, much to my dismay. Anyway I've gone off on a complete tangent - it's the outlet of writing - it is such an outlet. Life has been incredibly cruel lately...I've been burgled 3 times this year and lost all my valuable jewellery amongst other stuff

Anyway crafty stuff... I'm loving the hand sewing of hexies. It has surprised me how much I love making them and watching them grow. Each one is pure joy. I love the few minutes I spend with each piece of fabric - revisiting the designs and colours. I love putting them in stacks and then playing laying them out in "flowers". I've done hundreds and sewn lots together then I've got on to another project of a quilt and another of binding another quilt and a crochet rug and it's all yummy and fun!