Thursday, September 23, 2010

778 done, 222 to go! Blooming hexies

So I've counted them all up. I have made 778 so only 222 to go because i have it on good authority that you need 1000 to make a queen size quilt - that's my 1/1/2 inch hexies. This is the funnest project ever in the world right now. I never ever thought I'd like a hand sewing project so so much. but then I know lots of people out there in bloggy crafty land wouldn't be suprised by that they'd just think "uh, yeah" are you a slow learner or what....yes I am ...about the slowest in the world...Has anyone ever heard of that kid's book "Leo The Late Bloomer". I dont' remember much of the story perraps I'll find me a copy and refresh my memory - 'cos I reckon that's me - the latest bloomer ever!!! But baby am I BLOOMING!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Parallel lives??

So this is my day so far...I set alarm for 6.30 am to ensure raising my daughter in enough time to take her to school for a test at 7.30 am. She is doing year 12 so is exhausted from everything she has had on. Wake her, make lunches and a coffee, put away dishes left to drip dry from last night. Feed the cat and give her her epilepsy tablets. Drive my daughter to school. Come home, get myself ready for work. With a few minutes to spare I jump online to pay bills due (yesterday was payday). Reply to a couple of emails (we have an insurance thing happening - the result of 3 burglaries this year). Drive to work. Arrive at work - dive right in. Very busy day at work in sales - grab a drive through burger at 3.30 on my way to see a client. Yep forgot my lunch - it's still sitting on the kitchen bench. Get back to office. Client arrives at 10 to 5. Finish with drop in at 5.30. Ring to cancel vet appointment as now too late. Ring my daughter to tell her I will be home in time to take her to dancing at 6. She is sitting outside playing with dog as she's forgotten to take keys. Run in, she changes and then dash out to dancing. Stop by coles to get 2 missing ingredients for dinner I am planning. Arrive home at 6.30. Greeted by partner "what are we doing for dinner". I tell him tonight's menu. He asks "where's G". I manage to say in a light tone "at dancing" (even though she's gone every Thursday night this year !!!!. I then prepare a delicious dinner. Greeted with "thank you dear" that was delicious". My dinner interrupted by phone call. Granny checking up on overseas daughter. Leave washing up as I realise need to pay another bill. Time to go and collect G. Lessons run over time. Kill time by deleting 135 messages on my phone. Arrive home to find washing up from dinner left for me to do. I wash up and tidy kitchen. Plan lunches for next day. Tell everyone (again) to not let the cat out tomorrow for re-scheduled vet appointment. Go to computer to check for emails from child away overseas. Must ring sister for her birthday next. Vent via blog.

His day. Arise and get to work after short play with dog and eating breakfast. Straight after work visit friends for beers. Arrive home and ask what's for dinner. Shower, sit on lounge whilst dinner is prepared. Compliment the cook. Sit on lounge watching tv for another 2-3 hours patting the dog. Retire to bed. Very tiring day.

That is the household routine most days.