Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's not to love?

hard to believe those eyes don't see a thing....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dress for a wedding...

My next project for the trip to the wedding is to find an outfit...aaaaahhhh.  After no success in the shops...I've taken the VERY brave step of ordering online.  Fingers crossed it works out....I've gone for this STYLE. It's really fun browsing the styles and picking a colour.  Being a bit of a fatty, they are custom making it to my size...

in this chiffon

now I just need to accessorise....a hat is a about this?
or this

or this

such fun....
And my legend of a long arm quilt - Greg at House of Quilts - has turned my wedding gift quilt around super fast for me so I started the binding last night.  Only 10 more sleeps until I fly away....

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another quilt off the UFO list!

Bravo me!  What a great feeling it is to finish and stand back and admire my latest quilt.  I love that feeling.  Love it, love it, love it. 

This one has been a WIP for YEEEAAAARRR's.  It's my Flea Market Fancy quilt made up to a pattern in the first Material Obsession book.

I'm thrilled with it...the binding just finishes the whole quilt off perfectly!

With no one around to hold the quilt up I improvised this are a few different perspective shots.

Over the back of a sofa....
Showing the backing and binding.  Love that pink and yellow.......

The floral quilting patter I it, love it love it!

I started this quilt either in or before February 2010 and it was actually finished as a quilt top then...that's over 2 years ago.... so worth the wait.....

It's such a gorgeous fabric range, isn't it.  I wanted to show off big squares of it.

Now only 6 7 works in progress to complete... how many will I get done this year....

there's the Retro Squared, Cowgirl Rodeo, Wedding, Liberty lines, Russian dolls and a floral....

thanks for stopping by my luverlies...xx

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Julia Gillard

Look who's knitting in public this week... our very own Prime Minister, Julia Gillard! 

Somehow I think a lot of the world's big issues could be resolved if the pollies got together and chatted while they knitted ...perhaps on a blanket project :)  ....rather than playing the slanging matches and petty games they insist on carrying on with.  Their antics are juvenile and pathetic.  Where's a politician with dignity and statesmanship these days?

This picture was in our local West Australian newspaper yesterday.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cats and Quilts :)

I was round at a friend's house last night for a little bit of quilting time. I'm putting a binding on a quilt that has been a UFO for eons, and Sandra was basting her quilt ready to start hand quilting. Her cat was not missing out on anything...Big Boy was right there bang smack in the middle of everything.  What is it about cats and quilts?


Monday, June 10, 2013

Off to the long arm quilter

Ready for the next stage .... off to the long arm quilter - Greg at House of Quilts.  I'm hoping he has a Scottish Thistle pattern :). 

I picked up a few border fabrics from Materialise and Sophie took a few photos to share on the shop's on the link to see some close-ups, along with another simple-and-inspirational finished quilt.  I felt very chuffed she wanted to share....

I am thrilled with the quilt and can't wait to see it through the next stage.  It changes at every stage. 

Making this quilt under a deadline has completely given me back my creative mojo.  My little head is buzzing with ideas, colours, patterns.  I can't tell you how energising it feels.  Like I've woken from a long long sleep.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Getting there

Nearly done....just a few more rounds for the border.....