Monday, April 22, 2013

Subi project is finished

6 months later and the flat is done.  A tenant moves in tomorrow. It was rented out in a day!  I feel a real sense of achievement - I'm quite chuffed with myself. Lots of people do this every day I know, and on a much much bigger scale than mine.  I could do it again.  It is so totally totally different than living through a renovation (which I've been doing for 8+ years).  It makes all the difference to go home and leave the mess and dust and clutter.  Perhaps I feel really chuffed because this has FINISHED, whereas there is no finishing line at home?  I have no control over the home front due to my partner being a carpenter and in charge of all building that why there is no satisfaction?  The lack of control?  Am I a control freak? He is so so slow on the home front.  And this is funny...I asked him to help with a couple of things at the flat...and he is the only tradesman/contractor I've had trouble with!! He was desperate to do the entire reno, but I said no way.  It was my flat and my project. Perhaps I feel vindicated that I can contribute to a renovation efficiently, practically and cost-effectively. Anyhoo, whatever... it has been a fantastic project for me.

Here are a few photos....





Monday, April 15, 2013

Patchwork of a different kind

My flat is nearly done.  The blinds are to be hung this afternoon. The agent is coming to take photos to list it for rent.  I just have a small bit of grouting to re-grout tonight.  What a job!!  5 hours of back-breaking work - mainly because I have a very sore back at the best of times - but being on your hands and knees when you're not used to it meant I slept super well last night.  A great feeling falling into bed physically exhausted from work.
Being a total novice I applied the new grout too liberally which makes for a much bigger clean up job.  Getting the residue off is taking me hours!!  I took photos along the way to inspire me.  There is a great sense of accomplishment to a finished project and a job well done ... just like when I finish a quilt.  Tremendous satisfaction - it's a fantastic feeling.  This one is definitely worth cracking a champagne over.  But I've done it ... my very own  mini Grand Designs makeover project.  I can give myself a big pat on the back for my first job as project manager.  As is the norm, it's taken longer than planned and gone slightly over budget, but as a rental I should see a good return on investment.  Just like one of my quilt projects.
One my quilts-to-make list is now a postage stamp quilt, or perhaps I'll call it a mosaic tile quilt.  It will be a bit more colourful than the above inspiration..check back in a year or 2 and you may see some progress pics :))
Who knows one day this little studio apartment may be my full time studio...wouldn't that be wonderful, to have my very own stand alone studio?