Sunday, October 31, 2010

Babushka WIP

Here's something I've been working for a new quilt. I've had the babushka fabric in my stash for a long while now. I fussy cut 25 dolls for the centre pieces and then stripped around them with 2 strips. Now I'm working on a plain around each one, them some more stripping. The one directly above is the furthest along. The quilt is evolving as it goes - I'm not working to any pattern, just playing around with strips and bits. We'll see where it goes and ends up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mezzanine Studio Space

This is my studio space - it's a mezzanine floor in our extension. I adore it. I can't tell you how long I've dreamt of having space to work and not pack away - to have my precious and inspiring bits and bobs around me. And it really works - I come up here and move into another zone, not just physically but mentally as well. It is mostly a mess because working with fabric bits etc is messy. I give it a good tidy up every so often but it doesn't bother me - I work well in it. And that's exactly why I've wanted my own space to walk in and out without feeling any pressure that my creativeness imposes on anyone else in the house. See how the cat loves it too!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One less UFO

Tonight I finished my third quilt - really truly finished it by putting the last stitch in the binding. It seemed to take forever on this one I don't know why...I mean it took me hours of hand stitching. I felt that absolute rush of excitement and joy and glow at the pure pleasure of looking at something I've created and finished. It's on the bed to sleep under tonight. It's been on the bed before with the binding half on half off and the needle hanging off it, but tonight is different - there's a whole new way of looking at my FINISHED quilt - no niggling thoughts of 'suse when are you going to get round to finishing it .. you better do it before you prick yourself in your sleep. I reckon I must like to live dangerously because that wasn't much of an incentive? Lucky the weather is still cool enough to warrant a quilt..... I put the last stitch in it tonight round at a friend's house - the gorgeous Margie who took the photo you can see. She is such a friend...I said I'm not leaving until it's done!! And she said go for it! It wasn't too late was it Margie? Thanks for sharing the joy of my completed quilt and being so appreciative of it!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gone to a new home

My sister Helen came to visit recently which was very special as it was a few years since she'd been here. We've caught up on the east coast many times, but it was lovely to welcome her to my home. I did a bit of show and tell with craft projects, finished (hah, very few!), and wips - one of the wips was my crochet ripple which I was finishing a fluted edging on. Well Hellie fell in love with it! She LOVED I said you can have it - for all those birthdays etc when I haven't sent pressies etc. I'll finish it and give it to you at Christmas. Anyways the visit ended as all good things do and Helen flew home to Cairns. The next day I got a chat chat and "oh by the way I took the rug!" I laughed and said Hellie it's not finished! There's probably still a crochet hook wrapped up in it! And I haven't woven in all the ends. She said, " no I love all the tassles - I love it just as it is and so do my girls...Maya came in from school and stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed "Mum, where'd you get that AWESOME blanket?" (Hels had thrown it over the sofa). I just laughed and said well you better find the end and tie it off so it doesn't start unravelling!!

So there you go a WIP in my eyes was a finished work of art in someone else's eyes. I am thrilled it has gone to its new home where it is LOVED. And now I'll just have to make another one for my home. Big sigh! What a shame...NOT! I get to have the fun all over again!