Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Close ups

Help! I need some computer literate person to
help me with my blog skills. These latest projects
were so fun to make. I designed the bag, modelled
on my favourite fabric tote. I'm interested to see
how it felts - hopefully it won't drag on the floor so

The belt - I am such a dunderhead. I have a bit of
a problem reading patterns sometimes and I
always blame the book etc. I emailed Debbie Stoller
with a query because mine doesn't look like the
pattern. Thanks to another knitting buddy who sorted
me out my next belt will look like the pattern!

I think I'm going through the whole "is the blog too
self indulgent" phase. But then I've told very few
people about it. I enjoy it and what it does most for
me is that somehow it motivates me to keep exploring
my creative side which brings me so much joy - second
only to my daughters, who are my absolute joy. It's
a good way of tracking my development.

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