Thursday, August 17, 2006

A knitted bag

Well lookee's a non-felted bag. I made this for a girlfriend, girlfriend. These are her colours. You can see I lined it too. Another first - yep! I have bought lots of beautiful fabric to line bags, but this is the first one I've got 'round to doin'. I think she liked - it was her birthday present- I loved making it for her.. but I guess it's her choice to bury it in the cupboard or wear it. And another first - I got 3 pics up in one hit. One of the pics is the book that I found this pattern in... Emma King's Fun and Funky Accessories. It's got a few things other than just I am developing beyond the felted bag..... watch this space baby!!


Pink Llama said...

Wow! Very cool- I love this colour. Which yarn did you use? And whoa Nellie! A book containing more than bags?? Pass ME the bex, luv.

Anonymous said...

Hey- Where are you??? Write more...I haven't heard from you here OR there all week!

Stephanie said...

Love the bag (especially the lining)! Nice job.