Thursday, February 21, 2008

Camp Kensington

We're now in full demolition mode for our extension/renovation. Everything is coated in a fine layer of grit. I am happily accepting the dust and discomfort for it means PROGRESS. After 3 years of squeezing into a completely cute but inadequate home, we are growing it to suit. It is very very exciting. This pic was taken partway through the removal of the bathroom which has now completely disappeared. Fingers crossed the fine weather holds for our midnight trots to the outdoor loo!!


Sarah said...

Aggghh.....busy lady! And you still manage to knit all those beautiful bags! Loved having a look at your gorgeous things. can't wait for your camera to be fixed for more gorgeous things.

Wayne said...

I know all bout the living in an ongoing remodeling environment...hahaha! It will be worth it! Our home is in a constant state of evolution and we (Brittany and I) are having so much fun! When ya get time visit my dear wife's web site. You will love the name!