Thursday, September 23, 2010

778 done, 222 to go! Blooming hexies

So I've counted them all up. I have made 778 so only 222 to go because i have it on good authority that you need 1000 to make a queen size quilt - that's my 1/1/2 inch hexies. This is the funnest project ever in the world right now. I never ever thought I'd like a hand sewing project so so much. but then I know lots of people out there in bloggy crafty land wouldn't be suprised by that they'd just think "uh, yeah" are you a slow learner or what....yes I am ...about the slowest in the world...Has anyone ever heard of that kid's book "Leo The Late Bloomer". I dont' remember much of the story perraps I'll find me a copy and refresh my memory - 'cos I reckon that's me - the latest bloomer ever!!! But baby am I BLOOMING!!!

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