Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer rain

The heat this summer in Perth has been unbearable. I can't wait for winter and I dream of living in a cold climate. The heat just immobilises me. It's oppressive. Luckily it's not humid - I really wouldn't cope. A few days ago we were treated to some summer rain - pretty unusual for January. I didn't hesitate to get out in it and get soaked to the skin - absolutely positively soaked to the bone!! I danced around the garden in pure sheer glorious delight and felt young again. Young as in stomping around in puddles, laughing and giggly in the tropical downpours I grew up with in Brisvegas. Oh how I wish my sisters were there to join in! We'd play for hours building dams at the bottom of gutter downpipes,hold our hands out until they filled with rain water and then take gulps of the delicious flavoured water. Jump and watch the earth squelch between our toes. Probably why Singing in the Rain is one of my all time favourite movies.

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