Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I think a lot about snow.  I don't know why this is so, because I live in a snowless zone of the world.  I have experienced snow and found it to be truly magical.  I simply marvel at the way it transforms a view.  I would love to live where it snows.  I'd love to wake up to that magical transformation.  I love the smell of snow, sparkling snow in sunlight.  It's soft, silent, flurriness as it falls. I imagine sitting in a window and looking out and never growing tired of the view.  Marvelling at trees, mountains, fields, cottages hidden under snow.  I imagine sitting and crafting, cooking, reading in my snow covered cottage.  Friends crunching up the drive or path to visit.  Talking off their wellies or shoes and scarves and welcoming them inside with warm drinks and delicious bakings.  I love the idea of the warmth inside the house nestled in amongst the coldness of the outdoors - I can feel it glowing and oozing comraderie.  I imagine walking in it, my cheeks and nose ruddied by the cold, hearing if crunch underneath, sinking in my wellies across fields, shaking branches and having snow rain down on me, leaving footprints (like you do in the sand here).

I've had 5 wintery, snowy Christmases and been absolutely thrilled by every one of them.  It fascinates me as an Australian growing up with hot summery Christmases year upon year why I dream of snow and wintery landscapes, when it is not my norm?  Am I displaced?  Shall I go and live in the Northern Hemisphere again and live through more cold winters.  So many people emigrate here for the weather...why am I thinking the exact opposite?  People crave my Australian lifestyle/weather.  Is it a case of wanting what you don't have.  Do people who move away from snow miss it?  Do people who live with it, love it, hate it?  I know people whinge about it and it has its ugly side in slushy, mushy traffic snow.  But I've even found that fun... I have never tired of it when I've lived in northwest Iowa or the UK over those 5 winters. Today I was googling snow images and the ones here are some that I found courtesy of Google images....

Imagine skiing across that!

If you love snow leave a footprint and say hi and let me know what you love about snow let's share snow joy...x

look what I found today - - this post about winter and including a wonderful picture of a girl dreaming of snow!!!

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