Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Russian Doll Quilt progress

In the January holiday I started sashing my doll quilt together.  I love the spotty linen I've chosen.  It is going to look great when it is eventually finished...not a stitch has happened since I went back to work....sad, sad.... this quilt is years in the making...as are all of my current projects.  I tell myself it's part of the evolution of each quilt.  Because I work on them erratically and interuptedly (did I just make up a word?) they finish up quite differently to how they might have if I'd busted through the process in a weekend....something I just can't imagine...who does that ...is it possible?  I've grown more and more fond of these little dolls as they've lolled around my studio for years.  They're well and truly part of the family, so this quilt - when it eventually is a quilt - will not be able to leave our family - they're just such good company! :)

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