Monday, April 15, 2013

Patchwork of a different kind

My flat is nearly done.  The blinds are to be hung this afternoon. The agent is coming to take photos to list it for rent.  I just have a small bit of grouting to re-grout tonight.  What a job!!  5 hours of back-breaking work - mainly because I have a very sore back at the best of times - but being on your hands and knees when you're not used to it meant I slept super well last night.  A great feeling falling into bed physically exhausted from work.
Being a total novice I applied the new grout too liberally which makes for a much bigger clean up job.  Getting the residue off is taking me hours!!  I took photos along the way to inspire me.  There is a great sense of accomplishment to a finished project and a job well done ... just like when I finish a quilt.  Tremendous satisfaction - it's a fantastic feeling.  This one is definitely worth cracking a champagne over.  But I've done it ... my very own  mini Grand Designs makeover project.  I can give myself a big pat on the back for my first job as project manager.  As is the norm, it's taken longer than planned and gone slightly over budget, but as a rental I should see a good return on investment.  Just like one of my quilt projects.
One my quilts-to-make list is now a postage stamp quilt, or perhaps I'll call it a mosaic tile quilt.  It will be a bit more colourful than the above inspiration..check back in a year or 2 and you may see some progress pics :))
Who knows one day this little studio apartment may be my full time studio...wouldn't that be wonderful, to have my very own stand alone studio?  


Lizzet said...

Susie! Book me for an "artist date" I have been in that shop a few times and you can find great things there.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, but most importantly I am happy I found your blog ;) See you soon!

Susan Milligan said...

Done! :) Do you have a weekend free in May?