Monday, July 01, 2013

Blue Farm Quilt....Ta Dah!

So here it is....finished and bound for its home in Scotland....only 4 more sleeps until I fly off.
I had a lovely time with a photo shoot in my back yard yesterday afternoon.  It was the most glorious day of winter sunshine. Here it is over the railing outside the granny flat.

A few close ups of the blocks.

There's a little boy on the quilt representing Jamie, my Godson.

A full view.

My assistants for the shoot, having a bit of fun....after prying them off the sofas and away from their mobile phones....teenagers today - I tell you!....they had a little bit of fun.  I collected up my other quilts and took photos of them, making good use of my assistants, as they're rarely around in daylight when I need help to photograph finished quilts.

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Lizzet said...

You have done an amazing job here Susie!!! I am sure your godson will love it. Hope you have a great time :)