Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hexie there's an idea

My hexie quilt is well on the way to being a king size quilt for my bed...although I'm quite very happy with it gracing my wall for now whilst I get busy getting organised...who moi?  Yes moi?

It's so lovely to have my fabric around me where I can see it and feel it.  It's been stuffed away in dark dingy cupboards for ever and not nearly as accessible as I'd like it to be.  Lately, I've even been sleeping with it :)) I find it comforting.  I've pulled a mattress out, set up a lamp.  It's my space and lovely and open and in this heat it feels so much better than a smaller bedroom.  The fan whirs overhead and I drift off to dreamland reminded of all the wonderful possibilities that await me the next day. Fabric and colour make me feel so positive and happy and hopeful and excited and joyful.


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