Friday, December 19, 2014


My fatigue levels since having Dengue Fever seem to have increased tenfold and I seem to only have energy for the necessities of work and home life.  Although I feel under pressure all the time as if I always have a million things to do/chasing my tail/not getting anywhere.  The end result has been anxiety and fatigue.  I'm limping over my work finish line next Tuesday.  I have until the 5th of January off.  I'm staying close to home.  I swing between getting excited about some days spent sewing and reading, walks at the beach, catching up on things and then telling myself not to put any pressure on myself to cross anything off a list. Perhaps what I really really need is complete rest - both physical and mental. No pressure on myself to achieve anything.  Needless to say the blog has gone by the wayside.  I've had no time to read other blogs and feel quite cut off from my creative world.  Don't worry my list of craft and quilt projects keeps growing, even though nothing is being done to finish those.  Daydreaming is what keeps me going.....honestly I am the best daydreamer ever...solidly grounded in reality ...ha!  Some are ridiculous Hollywood happy ending style daydreams, although George Clooney managed to shatter one of those by getting married.  LOL! Others are very very ordinary daydreams, that I hold dear and no-one can shatter, that's the wonderful thing about daydreaming, isn't it?

And because I don't have any quilty/crochet pics to share here a some random Christmas photos from the last few days at my house....

Sweet happy pics from my little corner of the world.  The deer is one of my newest decorations, from a darling sister on the other side of the world. The fairy is my oldest decoration and arrived on my first ever Christmas stocking, er-em just a short 50 years ago!!!

Wishing each and everyone of you dear readers a blissful time over Christmas and a wonderful 2015.


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