Thursday, January 28, 2010

Renovation hardship

Have I mentioned that I'm renovating and have been for 5 years? Mmm probably at some point, but then in blog land I've perhaps subconsciously put it out of my mind. It has not been fun or exciting as I thought it would be and well we won't mention the time frame will we...5 years!! With probably another 5 to go. I am no longer sane, I don't know what it's like to live in a proper house with an internal kitchen and bathroom - we have the ablution block like you would in a caravan park outside the house, and I now dream of moving to a fully completed flat that you lock and leave...sod the house - i resent it and the it's become the barrier to a lifestyle of any sorts. Trouble is to do that the house has to be it's a vicious circle I'm trapped in - can you feel my dilemma, my pain? Most of the work needs to be carried out by my carpenter partner, but there are lots of things I can do so I'm busy making lists to motivate me. Top of my lists are all the fabriccy, soft furnishing bits because that's where my true love and passion for fun I'm focussing on 3 lots of window coverings that can now be done. Cafe curtains for the kitchen window...even though there's no will feel so much more welcome when it does arrive!! Soft door curtains for french doors to our bedroom, even though there are no handles and they don't close properly and a curtain for the bedroom window, which needs to be replaced. it's the old adage for me ...focus on the least I have doors and windows to decorate?!! And I will need to spend time in fabric shops...mmm come to think of it...what renovation hardship?

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