Monday, July 25, 2011

Project Delete Wool Reserves

Here's my latest crochet rug.  Just random stripes of all the left over bits of wool from other projects.  I have so many balls in a cupboard that I decided I had to use them all up before I purchased any more.  Not actually that easy - I yearn to buy yarn - but no, in this time of economising I am turning my resources into useful items for the home.  I can't tell you how much pleasure I gain from hooking away for short bursts of time.  A little bit of thought goes into which colour to use next but not much.  I can't decide how big to make it - it was going to be single bed size, but when I stretched it over my bed the other day - I think I want it to be big enough to fit across my queen size bed?  It's just such a happy project and I get a really good feeling every time I see it, so why not drape it over by queen size bed?  There's certainl plenty of wool for that and I think, just maybe there'll even be enough for a tea cosy or two when I'm done- something I've not got 'round to doing yet.  My yarn yearning will just have to wait patiently until I've passed this little self imposed challenge!! 

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