Monday, August 01, 2011

Stitched with Love

I used to wear this a young girl. It's a backless summer halterneck that mum made for me. My sister had one similar - that was typical.  We are only 17 months apart and 2 girls, so 2 of everything was made - mine was always blue and Helen's was pink.  I grew up declaring I hated pink, pink was for girls and I wasn't a typical girl.  Funny when I look back because now I'm so happy being a girl, but I didn't wear pink until I was an adult.  No siree no way.  Now I love it...but I digress.  I love this dress, the red apple pocket.  It's on a small mannequin in my studio mezzanine space so I see it every day.  Thank you to my mother and her mother Gan, for all my handmade clothes..(except the jeans Gan - didn't love them!!) I loved wearing this dress - perfect for the hot queensland summers I grew up in.  I look at the dress and it evokes my carefree days, barefoot and playing cubbies and games all the time - we were always outside.  I became a typical teenager and longed for store bought clothes like everyone else.  I've long since snapped out of that and realised how lucky I was for all my beautiful clothes, some of them made to my precise wishes. And the legacy of my clever craftful mother and grandmother is my love and appreciation of handmade.  I know everything I wore was stitched with love.  I was wearing love all the time.  How blessed was i?

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