Thursday, October 20, 2011


I don't know where to start with photos from our European adventure.  Every moment was precious... so many sights, smells, tastes to just soak up.  London was absolutely amazing - the weather was a freak Indian summer with glorious sunshine and blue skies. Flower baskets still hanging everyone and crowds gathering outside pubs and cafes of an evening.  It was magnificent.  Its parks were stunning with so many flowers still out and deckchairs to sit in, with squirrels scurrying around. Everyday was jam packed and still we didn't begin to scratch the surface of all London has to offer. These taxis were calling to me and my girls - in fact they were screaming stay, stay, stay!

The food everywhere was delicious... I think we sampled every gelato shop we passed in Italy - at the very least we went in to admire and drool over the display and check on all the flavours on offer so we didn't miss any.  The job became too big and we missed heaps. Georgia and I voted the best to be seaside in Messina, Sicily.  It was to die for and being our last Italian stop, we went back for seconds!

I've long had a love affair with donkeys - since my first visit to Greece when I was 14.  I just love their faces and for some reason they just make me laugh.  Their nature can be so contrary!  I had an hilarious riding experience on them in Eqypt, riding out to the Valley of the Kings.  My donkey completely went at its own pace, there was absolutely no controlling it... it ambled exactly when it wanted to and galloped at precisely the moment it wanted to, so I was never with the group - I was either way out in front or way way out the back. I laughed 'til I cried.  Another time I woke up in a paddock in Crete with one licking my toe.  All my encounters have been interesting and never dull. So imagine my thrill and squeals when we came across several around Mallorca!  All the memories came flooding back.

It's all in the details as the expression goes... the lamps on the streets, the cobblestones, the shutters, doorways, the bollards!! Everywhere oozes charm and history and layers of time.  It was sheer heaven.  I'll be back with more as I re-live my holiday through the 1000's of photos.

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