Saturday, October 29, 2011


I love linocuts and woodcuts.  It's funny how we're just drawn to certain things.  I always have been - from high school art classes to present day.  So I've done a couple of weekend workshops at the Fremantle Arts Centre in linocut.  So fun!.  The apple above is the result of one workshop.  I've printed up about 30 tea towels in various configurations - all over designs to motifs randomly placed. I'm using them as gifts - part of my "using up reserves" pledge!  So lookout friends and family - one is headed your way this Christmas!

On the subject of tea towels, another one of my great loves!  I have quite a collection and can't resist them.  My favourite Perth homewares shop "Bed, Bath and Table" always has a wonderful selection.  In saying that I have resisted purchasing any at all this year  (mmmm - just made the mental that why I've made my own?), but when we head to Europe in 3 weeks, I may not be able to resist a couple of souvenir versions!!  My lovely neighbour Rachael, returned from London with a gift for me of Cath Kidston tea towels!  How did she know!  They are much coveted and yet to be used.

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