Thursday, May 10, 2012

Black and white leftover quilt

A little teeny eeny bit of crafting has been happening on the mezzanine...I put together the left over squares from my black and white and aqua quilt.  An unfinished project getting a little bit closer to completion.  I'm thinking about whether to put a border on it...just a plain black border to frame it.  I think it will finish it off.  I wasn't planning it, but I think it needs it. Alas that will require a trip to my local favourite gorgeous divinely inspiring quilt shop!  Oh dear!  Poor me!

Spare time is in very short supply around here lately.  So I felt as though I was stealing a few hours away from other important tasks that require my time.  But it felt so good to back at the machine after months away.  Hopefully I can keep stealing more hours.  The weather is certainly helping.  Lovely lovely rain and cooler temps.  How I love autumn after our looooooonnnnng hot summers.  Rain falling after months of intense dryness is like a wonderful new phenomenum.  All of us oooh and aaah over it.  It's thrilling.  We talk about rain amongst ourselves.  Look out at it and marvel at it. Perth doesn't offer an integrated approach to rain.  You have months of dryness and not a lick of moisture falls. The sky is blue day after day for months on end and you truly begin to wonder if it will ever rain again.  You hear weather news for other cities and they mention rain and you begin to think how odd!  Rain.  Then it arrives again here and you remember rain.  Ah, yes, rain.  I think we're really lucky, because it's so fascinating when it arrives and we marvel at mother nature. the puddles, the gushing water on the streets. We don't take rain for granted.  I love the rain. 

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Sue xx said...

Love the quilt, what a beauty.
Especially loved your words on rain in Perth and lack thereof!
Hope you're having a lervely week,