Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Quilts in Situ

I love browsing magazines and books beautifully illustrated with gorgeous interiors. They are sooooo inspiring and aspirational. .....SIGH!  Why a sigh?  Because my house never looks like that :)) My home looks like a real home, you know, lived in by busy people and their pets.  As I did the morning twice daily sweep of the kitchen/lounge/dining to remove the excess dog hair floating around, I noticed one of my quilts crumpled on one of the lounges.  I'd popped it on my daughter who was unwell yesterday, getting her comfy with a couple of pillows and snuggled under a quilt.  Then I glimpsed another one as I passed her bedroom door.  It made me smile - the quilt, not the state of a teenager's room! 

So here are 2 pics - destined never to grace the pages of books or mags.  Only a handful of people will view them here on my blog. They are not "shoot ready".  These photos are lousy. Their destiny is merely to grace my home with their presence.  And do you know what...they bring as much, if not more joy, than viewing beautifully photographed quilts in books and mags, because they are part of my life and an integral part of our household.

My black and white and aqua qult

A teenager's bedroom.  I dread going in there.....:)

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