Monday, September 03, 2012

My first Liberty quilt

errrr or rather a very bad picture of my first all-liberty-fabric-quilt.  I so need a design wall!  and it has changed since I took the photo.  It was a lovely couple of hours  to spend a sunday afternoon.

Major excitement.  I am collecting a quilt from the my quilting man on Thursday and delivering him 3 more!  I finally pulled my finger out and pieced together the backs for them.  One I plan to give away, one I plan to hang on a wall in the house and the other 2 I'm not sure.  Maybe they'll just become part of the household. 
I have been asked by a couple of visitors if I would make them quilts, but I simply can't be under the pressure of time frames etc.  But I did think that if I put together a few perhaps someone would like to buy them.  but I'm not always sure I could part with them.  Anyhoo for now I'll just keep playing and having all the fun of making them :))

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