Saturday, September 15, 2012

9 patch etc

quilting has been my craft of choice lately, taking over from the knitting and crochet.  I pieced my Liberty quilt together so it's another quilt top in the chest.  I picked up my blue and brown from the long arm quilter.  I'm really happy with it.  I like it more now.  It has the dubious title of my least favourite quilt to date.  but I'm wondering if by the tme I bind it I won't like it even more.  It certainly got a BIG help along by a visitor to the house this week.  An interior decorater came round and was in raptures over it.  I just thought 'how funny!'

it was so fun to have a decorator in the house.  It was something I've never thought I would do, but fate thought differently and bestowed upon me a voucher at a quiz night I went to recently.  "It" must have known that that is exactly what i needed to help me over my serious fed-up-ness with the house. Norinda is just the person to help me bring all the bits of the house together.  She's a wonderful resource.  She liked my ideas and I liked hers.  Also helped that she was very complimentary about my ability to work with colour.  It was lovely to get a pat on the back.  Very encouraging.  Often as mums we are the ones encouraging and nurturing and complimenting, but with teenagers - or just as we age and are the grown ups - you don't often hear that you're doing a good job.  And I guess you don't even really think about it, but when someone does say lots of positive things, it's very nice, isn't it.  Too funny.

Here's Gypsy enjoying the brown and blue quilt... which I've draped over a sofa for the time being.

Gypsy has a habit of seeking out quilts....

I've gone completely off track.  What's new?  I started with pictures of my latest quilt.  My first 9 patch.  I'm having my very own quilt-a-long, all by myself.  A patch or 2 a day.  I've wanted to do one for ages and found a couple on line...crazy mom quilts  did one a few years ago.  That boat's sailed so I'll just merrily bob along by myself!

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