Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Slowest blogger in the world

So if there was a competition for the slowest,most erratic, inconsistent blogger in the blogosphere it would be me.  After years I have barely any followers or any comments - a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to those who do follow, stop by and leave the odd comment - I LOVE YOU! You make me feel a part of something  which is why I started my blog in the first place feel a part of a creative community and share and learn and inspire and be inspired.
I haven't had much time of late to blog.  My addiction to Pinterest has got in the way!  And some actual craft time which thrills me to bits.  I've become a bit disheartened with blogland too - I know I'm taking it too personally, but there are far more interesting blogs out there.
Anyhoo in typical me style this is a very random post.  I have a new phone - an iPhone which takes much better photos, so I've taken some of my liberty quilt - much better resolution - to record here for posterity.  I'm looking foward to hand quilting it - yes you read right - I am going to hand quilt my first quilt!  Check back in a year or 2 and see the results!  Just in case there is a reader of this blog out there :))


Nancy said...

I love that quilt and don't dispair - lots of folks lurk and don't post... I am reading this across the world in Canada. I understand the time pressures cuz I work and have little time to play....

Knit Witch said...

Thank you Nancy for your words of encouragement and empathy x