Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Darling Matilda

Just dropping by quickly to share a photo of my beautiful Matilda - our darling blind lab. She puts herself in the most unusual situations.  She loves squeezing into corners and other tight spaces.  I'm sure it's reassurance for her.  She likes to be as close as possible to you, ie on your lap.  She has the uncanny knack of putting herself right between one's legs and then sitting down, and waiting expectanly to be patted. It always gets a laugh from visitors. She's quite a local attraction!

As a family we talk to her constantly when she's around as sound is very comforting to her too.  She is a truly amazing girl and we love her to bits.

My daughter spotted her outside the back door and did the call out - "Come and look at Tilly" as we so often do.  She looks so dejected with a "Where is everyone?" look on her face, having managed to sit under the bike. Bless!

She has learnt the command "Reverse" which we use when the only way out of where she has got herself is to ''reverse", so we call it out and out she backs, tail wagging.  When we say "good girl'' she knows she can turn and safely be on her way.

Quite a bit of sewing happening on the mezzanine.  My Cowgirl quilt is coming along nicely. Pictures coming soon.  x

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