Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's done!

Quilt No 12 is done! I'm so happy with it and that's exactly what it is....a happy quilt!  And I think my smallest yet.  And my first quilt finish for 2014.  I just realised that I only fully finished one quilt in 2013.  I was busy piecing a few and completed several tops - but they remain unfinished - so that is going to change and there will be a positive flurry of finishing happening.  Just watch!  Last night I started hand stitching the binding on my Liberty Strips quilt.  It's my symphony in blue.  I can hear music as I stitch. :)

Strange I know - talking on which I have had THE most interesting dreams lately. 

In the first I was in Italy, driving the Amalfi coast in a little beachy jeep thing.  Admiring the colour of the ocean and totally awed by the view.  It was stunning and the sun was shining and glistening and twinkling on the clear azure water.  There were dolphins playing in the waves, frolicking and jumping.  The beachgoers were totally spellbound  by their performance, as were we. Then we drove on and I saw what I thought  was the biggest dolphin EVER, only to realise to my absolute HORROR it was a great white shark eyeing off the swimmers.  I could clearly see what was about to happen and was powerless to stop it.  I did try.  I screamed and shouted and waved, conscious that I had no Italian language skills and what was the word for shark?!!!  At first people just waved back, but then realised that this crazy woman was trying to tell them something and they needed to respond a certain way.  I tried humming the music from Jaws, and trying to make the shape of a fin.  All this from my cliff top overlooking the beach. Slowly it caught on and they started getting out of the water, even the very hairy chested Italian closest to the shark, made it to the shore alive.

The shark was NOT happy with me, spoiling his fun and clocked me with a look that said "if you ever, ever get in the water, anywhere in the world, I will find you and ruin your fun".  Although if looks could kill I'd have been a goner right there and then.

Now I've not been to that part of Italy and I'm pretty sure Great White Sharks don't inhabit those waters.

The second dream was much tamer.  I had a surprise package arrive on my doorstep.  I opened the door to find a kayak wrapped in airbag packaging sitting out the front of my house.  I didn't have to unwrap it - I could tell from its shape.  That's all I remember of that dream. 

On that note, bye for now xo

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