Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A week in review

I've had a head cold for over a week now. You just feel so blah don't you with a head cold? I was so lucky that my mum was staying when I came down with it! I had a nurse :) she made me soup and hot lemon and honey drinks and cooked dinner for everyone. How wonderful it was, not to have to keep functioning. The big downer was my psychotic reaction to Codral! I got so depressed, felt like I would asphyxiate if I feel asleep. Couldn't sleep, but when I did sleep I would have amazingly vivid dreams. In one I was escaping the nazi's through tunnels and cupboards and then on boats and lakes. In another I was caught up in riots in India! Fascinating stuff! As good as any book I've read. On a darker note though, I contemplated taking a whole bottle of diazepam to end the madness and wrote a note. I thought the stress of my life had finally caught up with me and I was having a breakdown. I was exhausted in the aftermath of the 21st party. My employer was not understanding and offered no reassurances that I just needed to get better and not worry about work until I was back on my feet. Instead he sent me a text venting about an urgent order. I think this is totally out of order but is this how it is now in the technology age? I was livid. I have 5 weeks+ sick leave accumulated, as I have taken next to none since I started, and they couldn't get through 4 hours. By this time I was in my Codral haze, so I rang him and told him what I thought. Needless to say I then thought I'd just done myself out of a job!

I tell you never a dull moment around here!

On a lighter note, I caught up with my best friend from my high school years - Jeannet! She is in Perth for a week long conference, so I picked her up from the airport and took her down to Bib & Tucker for lunch. What a wonderful afternoon we had! 32 years plus later and on the other side of the country. It was very special. Leighton beach was alive with  kite surfers capitalising on the blustery conditions. It was totally invigorating and their energy was transferable. I could feel it charging me. I often find the beach in winter has that effect. The energy is so different to summer, but no matter the season, I always come away from the sea feeling fantastic. Perth is amazing for its beaches and it's one facet of life here that I cherish.

Up close to a Bluebottle stranded on the beach - aren't they amazing looking and such an incredible colour?

Leighton Beach Kite Surfers

New Liberty at Materialise

Part of my latest Liberty Tana Lawn acquisition.  oooooooooh the goody goodness!  Is it weird that if I won Lotto, one of the first things I would do is buy a MASSIVE  amount of Liberty fabric and not just in my usual 20cm minimum cut pieces?

Happy days everyone!

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