Monday, May 12, 2014

The Year in books

I have just finished this book. I really enjoyed it. I found it so thought provoking. Fleeting moments in our lives can completely change its direction. Since finishing I have found myself reflecting on all the possibilities life has to offer and being excited by that. I'm conscious of being hungry for as many life experiences as possible. I'm not thinking in outcomes other than at the end of my life I hope to be truly grateful for a wonderful life full of rich experiences and wonderful friendships and relationships. I hope I'm blessed with a long and healthy life to see my children grow and live their lives and be a part of that.
Life has its rough times, but luckily ageing has allowed me to see that time really is an amazing healer and you can move beyond (or is it through?) sorrow and pain. The book describes the horrific destruction of war. Unbelievable what humanity endured.
Completely mind boggling.

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