Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A little bit of knitting

It was a long weekend here in WA so I saw 3 movies, went out with my daughters for a late lunch, caught up with friends and bought some wool for a new little knitting project.  It felt great to pick up the sticks again.  I love the rhythm of knitting, don't you?

I'm making a little cardigan for my namesake.  My Godson, Jamie and his wife Katie, had a daughter named Matilda Ann (my middle name). Readers may remember I went to their wedding in Scotland last year.  I'm so honoured and thrilled to get a look in with the name!!

I'm knitting the jumper for a 6 month old, to alleviate time pressure.  I chose a bright hot pink wool - for bright and happy.  Little Tilly has already brought so much joy. It's a very happy knitting project, not that every project isn't, but perhaps because I haven't knitted for a while, I'm just remembering how much I love it.

Below is a picture of my brunch from Toast in East Perth.  It was so, so delicious. A potato pancake topped with salmon and eggs and crème fraiche. I can see myself heading back there to eat the dish again. We followed it up with a decadent slice of chocolate cake with 3 forks.  We agreed we could have eaten a whole slice each it was so yummy.

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