Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Contemporary Crochet - Pumpkin anyone?

I get such a buzz from seeing crafts used in retail any where - hark back to my touche crochet post.  Here is a jewelley shop in Paris using crochet veg in their window display! Isn't it fun? 

I saw lots of crochet brooches for sale in London as part of the 5 a day healthy eating campaign.  I think it was seeing it in mainstream retail outlets that was so cool.  It's not something you would see here - I don't think - but correct me if I'm wrong.  Don't get me wrong you can buy crochet brooches and all sorts at our wonderful handmade fairs but not in retail chain stores.  Perhaps it's coming, but I'm not sure - I felt generally there is a greater freedom of expression, call it quirkiness, individuality to expressing oneself via fashion in Europe.  We seem more conformist here?  Maybe it's simply the larger population and climate compared with us?  Perhaps it's our new, young country - still emerging and forming its identity. My daughters commented on it to though too and loved it and happily embraced it.

And that really had absolutely nothing to do with halloween!! just coincidence there's a crochet pumpkin in my day after halloween post!!!  I don't even know how subliminal I am.

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