Monday, March 05, 2012

Cross Stitch Work in Progress

So I'm continuing with my list of works in (stalled) progress.  Next is the Cross Stitch Category.  Only 1 item in this category.... (lots of patterns put aside for NEW projects though) but that is going to be another category after I catalogue all my WIPs.

One unfinished - in progress - cross stitch.  It's a Christmas one.  I have 3 other Christmas ones completed and framed and hung on the walls for each festive season.  This is another one to add, when it is done.

And this is what it will look like when it's finished.

And it will join these....

Terrible photos I know, but you get the idea.  I have worked on these erratically for years. I began the top picture when I was pregnant with my first daughter (who turns 19 this May!) EEEeeeek! I remember so vividly teaching myself to cross-stitch.  I will share those in another post one day.  I'd like the entire history of my creative life here in my diary.

Talking about "chronic-ling" my WIPs takes me back to my days at Primary School as a Junior Librarian.  I volunteered in the library and learnt how to catalogue books in the dewy decimal system.  I was such an avid student I catalogued all my books at home. Wrapped them in protective plastic and stuck stickers on their spine.  Mostly F for fiction and the first 3 letters of the authors name.  Who'd have dreamt I come to live in such chaos?  Am I going back to my roots. Do I secretly long for a catalogued house?  Mmmm, dunno, but I think my blog is an online diary and it does serve to chronicle my life.  To that end I think it should not be restricted to one aspect of my life, but encompass many aspects that make up my life.

I'm a traditionalist at Christmas. Really!! You'd never guess would you? Ha.  Yep very traditional.  One of my daughter's wrote in her Christmas card to me this year, how she loves that I steep Christmas in traditions and hopes she can mimic me 'cause it makes it really, really memorable and fun and exciting.  I was touched, because I'd begin to wonder whether my teenagers, weren't really rolling their eyes and thinkin' " she goes again!"  behind my back and just putting up with their dotty mumma. (Don't worry it wouldn't stop me - no way.  It's my thing you know) But at least I'm conscious of the fact that I can be a bit embarrassing.  But just between you and me I like to be.  I mean if you can't have a bit of fun with them...what's the point?

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