Sunday, March 04, 2012

Works in Progress

Years ago, when I was first married, I lived in a house with a small sleepout tacked on the back of the house.  It was MY room for projects and study and sometimes guest room.  It became a trur reflection of my life at the time I think.  Busy with babies and toddlers, lots of ideas and projects started.  It had a bit of everything, relics from my single life, craft supplies, books, sewing machine, toys, bed.  A hastily made curtain acted as the door.  Of course my girls loved it.  They'd toddle or crawl and busy themselves amongst the "busy-ness' of it.  Exploring and discovering to their heart's content! 

After a while I lovingly christened it "The Temple of the Unfinished Project".  Somethings are destined to be finished over time, others... well they pass their use by date and just represent an exploration into some new creative cupboard of my brain, but destined to stay in the cupboard or become a building block for another creative idea.  Very occasionally I'd admonish myself for so many things started and not finished, but really I'm quite comfortable having many things on the go.

I've moved several times since and again I have a room where all my ideas and projects seem to come to rest for a while.  The Witch's attic it is now, tucked behind my the mezzanine creative space.  I've been in the throes of "organising" it.  Getting things out of boxes that have been stored for 7 years through the renovation process.  I can now group them together and see exactly what I have.  It's very interesting....!

But through this process I've thought I would chronicle the current works in progress.  All of which I want to complete in 2012, so that I can enjoy them around the house and as part of my life.

So here is the start of my WIP list.

1. Russian/Babushka/Matroyska Doll Quilt

The blocks are in various stages of completion.  The black are the closest to being finished.  I have plains to add to the other blocks.  I think the plain borders really make it 'POP, and as usual am excited to see it coming together.


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