Sunday, March 04, 2012

Works in Progress continued...

Item No 2 is  a black and white quilt. 

The square are left over from my crazy 9 patch black and white plus one quilt, completed some time ago.  I have all these bits that I'm going to throw together.

Item No 3 is my blue and brown quilt.  I have the backing and the wadding.  I'm going to have it machine quilted as it is HUGE and I'm yet to hand or machine quilt any of my quilts.  I aspire to quilting myself however, my lil ol Janome is not up to the task and I want to add a few more to my finished pile, before I embark on a hand quilting project.  I think my first will be my hexie hand pieced quilt.  Somehow I think it would be sarcreligious to do anything other than hand quilt it. It's going to be a big job for my first! 

This is a snippet of it..... and another view

Item No 4 is another finished quilt top.  My Flea Market Fancy quilt.

I just need to finish the backing.  I have the wadding and then it needs to be quilted.  So it's not far off.

Item No 5...  the centre piece is done and a lot of the fabric is cut... just needs to be put together in a couple of sessions...

This one needs a good iron!

Item/Quilt No 6 in progress. My reverie to William Morris.

Which needs backing fabric bought for it, all 7 meters of it!!

So that's the WIP quilt list.  I will list all the other projects on the go too, but for now, there I have my quilts that I aim to finish this year - oh no - I forgot Quilt No 7 - the hexie quilt.  So 7 quilts to finish this year.  And then there's all the others - in my head or fabric bought etc etc etc.. best get finishing.

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