Friday, April 13, 2012

All in the family...

Liberty love is being passed on!

These were our first purchase when we were in London last year.  The girls and I flew in on a Saturday afternoon, made our way to our hotel.  Found food and then crashed for a big long sleep.  Next morning we were up bright and early ready to EXPLORE! 

I decided being a Sunday to take them to Camden - in particular - the markets.  I forgot one minor detail...that they don't open until lunch time! So we arrived to deserted streets and dead quiet!  Barely a soul in sight.  Quite surreal for the girls who had just flown into one of the biggest cities in the world!  The perfectly still waters of the lock, with only a ripple from a passing duck were hardly the bustling beginnings they were expecting!

Slowly we wandered and watched as the street came to life.  One of the first shops to open was a shoe shop so in we tramped.  And joy-oh-joy they sold Liberty Nikes!  Eek.  3 pairs were purchased in record time. The girls opted for high-tops and I opted for the norm!  The girls wear theirs a lot for hip hop dancing!  And they borrow mine! They are well worn for sure.

Here's some more views...I would have liked the girls to model them, but getting us together, with camera and time is proving very tricky these days. (Ths is a post I was going to write when we got back last October!)

And then this pair have been in Miss G's wardrobe for several years.  Lucky her shoe size hasn't changed - we are talking about the child that wore the same brown lace-up school shoes for 5 years of high school!  (The hem on her dress uniform never had to be altered either).

Two loves - shoes and Liberty in one product.  What more could a girl want!

One of these days, I'm going to share/record my Liberty stash with you too.  And all my plans for it...although Liberty fabrics bring me so much pure pleasure from just being.  I'm not sure I need to do anything with them ever - just owning little pieces of heaven is enough.

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