Monday, April 02, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

March has been lost in a blaze of busy-ness.  Work, a visit by Mum for 2 weeks, lots of sorting and tidying at home, running children to different events.  I am their taxi.  Whilst I look forward to being freer in the next year or so, I cherish this time when I'm still hands on as a mum in many ways.  Our time together in the car is when we often chat about "stuff" and giggle together.  Soon they'll be driving themselves and this stage will be over and a new one begun and I'll be less busy with my girls. 

The pictures are of my eldest dressed as Dorothy for a Wizard of Oz themed child's birthday party.  I'm still getting the glitter out of the car - the shoes rained glitter!  Georgia teaches singing and musical theatre for the Centre of Rhythm Dance Studios, where both my girls learn dancing.  She is at uni studying acting and screen arts.  She is so much fun to hang out with and it's never dull having a singer/dancer/actor in the house!

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