Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where's my head at?

Í'm all over the place lately - it comes of being sick for months on end I think.  I'm just not on top of my game.  Another couple of visits to the doctor, then a visit to emergency, then a heavy course of antibiotics to kill bad bugs.  Seriously one lot of them are horse pills.  Coupled with the odd day of extreme fatigue, I just know I exude vagueness at times.

So last Tuesday I had to remember to pick up my younger daughter from the airport, returning from a school holiday trip to Sydney.  I raced home from work, via the grocery shop for food supplies.  Raced in the house, donned the apron, started cooking tea, dished up tea, gulped down tea, grabbed keys and handbag and drove to airport.  Parked the car, raced in, my phone rang.  My daughter had landed early and was at the baggage carousel.  We raced towards each other, smiling in greeting.  Happy to have her home safe and sound and eager to hear the details of her trip...

"Hello darling, I'm so sorry I'm a bit late..." to be interupted by ...

"Mum, you do know you're wearing an apron? Don't you?!!!"

Me..."What?" A very blank yet confused look on my face.

I looked down (I didn't want to but I did) and shrieked... if I hadn't already drawn attention to myself, the shriek certainly did! Yes I most definitely WAS wearing an apron.  There was no denying it... the calico one with red gingham trim and Susie embroidered across the front.  I ripped it off and stuffed it in my bag as if that would erase the whole event - the walk from the car park to the terminal and to the baggage carousel. Then we both fell about laughing, continuing to draw attention to ourselves (see how I dragged her in?).

Bridge just shaking her head and laughing and saying "Oh mum!"

As one of my sisters said - I should have just owned it.  We have been known as a family to go to airports dressed up - particularly at Christmas time.  It just seems so appropriate to don elf costumes at that time of year!!

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