Friday, January 18, 2013

Farewell my beautiful Gypsy-Girl

My darling girl was hit by a car outside our house and killed instantly.  I can hardly find words at the moment.  She was never very far from me in the house.  I was glad I was home from my holiday and we had a few days of schmoosing together.  She had been distraught without me, and was oh so happy to have me home and we spent lots of time cuddling.

Rest in peace my beautiful Gypsy-girl. Thanks for the memories and all the wild times you crazy, epileptic, tail-less cat.  You are forever in my heart. xxx

Always helping me sew

Getting into the Christmas spirit :)

Curled up on a quilt - she loved quilts and I would often find her curled up on one - even a folded one on a table!

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