Monday, January 21, 2013

I could scream Mr Bumble, I could scream


I am so frustrated with blogger, I can't upload photos from my computer in any post. I've tried from 2 different computers.They have to come from a URL, phone, picasa web album or somewhere.  Why has it suddenly lost the option to upload from my computer? The upload option is there but there is no longer a search box there to use.  I am sure it is me being dense, but it is sooooooooooooo frustrating that something that used to be so simple has become complicated. What are my options?  Give up my blog in utter frustration, blog pictureless, use web images... I was really hoping to start the year off sharing all my projects etc.  Now I'm looking for a home computer tutorer...I've tried to create a new picasa web album after futile attempts to save to my existing picasa web albums.  I'm so fed-up  My fibromyalgia is flaring again and I just want to give up....but I don't really. I just want it to be simple like it was.  Today I could cry over it. Where is my fairy godmother?  Help...

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