Monday, February 03, 2014

I miss Melbourne cafes....warning ....whinge alert

Wah Wah Wah....

this weekend I went out for breakfast - my first in Perth this year and after my four days in Melbourne, where I was TOTALLY spoilt with absolutely divine and delicious gluten free toast at every café I went to for breakfast.  Let me tell you Melbourne cafes have it sussed.  BIG TIME.  They buy it from specialist bakeries, or bake it in-house and it is delicious.  Even beyond Melbourne.  In Lorne we went to the burger joint called 'Bottle of Milk". I ate burgers on gluten free buns, that were so good, the non gluten-free-ers choose them over the regular buns. Yep that's right.  I requested a burger in a bowl, because in my Western Australian experience...Grill'd, Jus Burgers, the buns are crap.  Totally disgusting - dry and crumbly, so I just get my burger hit without the bun.  But I didn't have to do that in Melbourne, so I indulged in more than one burger. Nom, nom, nom.  My mouth is watering at the thought of it now...and it's all the way across the other side of the country. here I was at the John Street Café eagerly anticipating my eggs on gluten-free toast.  Soooo disappointing.  I suspect it was the Country Life supermarket loaf....very very dry-, inedible around the edges, like dried out bread for breadcrumbs......Melbourne cafes  were a distant memory.  It wasn't all bad - the eggs were perfect, but, 'this is why I just opt for no bread and go without, because it's too hard to get anything that doesn't totally depress you.  I feel like Melbourne cares...I haven't just decided to jump on some band wagon.  I am seriously, seriously, incredibly better health wise being gluten free - it is totes absolutely amazing how much better I feel.  Whereas I feel like Perth doesn't really's like one of those people that roll their eyes and think...oh, here's another one of those faddish eaters, jumping on the wagon, making my life difficult.

I've never been diagnosed coeliac (because I'm not prepared to put myself back on gluten for 6 weeks and then have a test, when the outcome would be the same as I'm doing now and my body is thanking me everyday and I'm finally listening to it...lesson finally learned...susan you are such a slow learner), I have no qualms saying no to gluten as I just don't want to feel that sick and exhausted ever again. In saying that, there are times when I inadvertently have gluten and here is a the result of one of these situations...I look 7 months is hilarious.  It's my party trick....

I did warn you I was having  a whinge..... :)

gluten belly


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