Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Perth has got it going on...

North Cottesloe from Barchetta café verandah

Bruce Springsteen Perth Arena Feb 5th


Lately, I've really been feeling the love for Perth, despite the intense heat of its summer!  Normally I have a right good old whinge around this time of the year about the heat and how long it lasts.  This year was a bit unusual with summer arriving late, so I'm not yet at my totally fed-up stage.  Instead I'm revelling in it!  Perth is a summer city - most definitely a summer city. And there is so much going on right now if you want to engage in it, theatre, concerts, outdoor movies.  And if you just want to disengage - the beach is right there.  You can soak up the serene-ness of the ocean, the sunshine, the magic of nature's world....the water is mesmerising.
And there is no shortage of good of my simplest pleasures.  Give me a good coffee and I sing for the rest of the day, I can face anything dished up at can turn a lousy day into a great day...:) 

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Pange said...

Perth's worst coffee is still better than Chicago's best, I am almost positive! ;)