Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day 4 - Dreaming of sleep

I have just made it today.... I'm dreaming of snoozing away like my sleeping pets...let me introduce our 2 very special members of the family. Firstly Gypsy the cat, she adopted us some years ago at the vet's guess at about the age of 6 months. She is the skittyist cat you'll ever meet. I think the result of severe trauma - she arrived without a tail and she is not a manx, she is a common domestic cat - I shudder to think how she lost her tail. Turns out she's also epileptic and is permanently medicated to avoid the terrifying fits she has which can propel her from the bed to a wall and then the floor. For some particular reason she took a shine to me, living in our front garden and appearing every night to me when I drove the car in the drive. After a couple of months I remember thinking ' there's that cat again...mmm I think she might be living here....yes I'm not the quickest of people, I took the plunge and offered food. It was weeks before she would come inside...but now she sleeps on my head at night (photo for another post) so she's well and truly relaxed at and home 5 years on.

Then Matilda arrived. The girls Chrissy pressie nearly 2 years ago - a gorgeous love at first sight (well for the humans anyway) lab/retriever pup. She was without a doubt the cutest puppy you will ever seen. the so cute the grannies stop the pram kinda cute and tell you what a beautiful baby you have. I thought that was only with babies but no it happened all the time at the park with Tilly - but I run away from the story. I sensed something wasn't quite right with out beautiful new bundle, she was very very cut a long story short ...she's blind...fully blind. I took her off to the eye specialist who confirmed the diagnosis. The pet shop refunded the full amount and we end up with the best dog in the whole wide world. She is so much fun and so lovable - she can keep you captivated for hours with her antics.

So we're the home for pets with special needs. (2 is plenty!)

Anyway Gypsy and I are off to bed....xx


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PottyMouthMama said...

Awwww love - two special pets. LOVE!