Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Round and round the garden market totes

Absence from blogland doesn't mean absence from craft and here's proof - 2 of my market totes. The earthy one inspired by the colours of the pilbara in the north of the state and the bumble bee (or jaundiced zebra as I like to call it) - inspired by ...well ...um ...I'm not sure exactly...just colour play really. I love picking up the skeins - starting with one and adding another and another, discarding one, trying another, until I have about 4 left cradled in my arms by then I'm in a frenzy of excitement and can't wait to cast on; then I can't wait for the first colour change, then the second....round and round the garden until the bag is finished. Then the metamorphis magic of felting them. They truly take on a whole new character - the original bag has melded into a new form. I love it! I positively skip and dance around the washing machine and as I shape and stuff them. I admire them from lots of angles at morning and night whilst they dry... I know I'm talking to those that understand - you do don't you?

I love the idea of going to my local farmer's market at Clontarf and coming home with them stuffed with organically grown goodies...can't you just see the celery and silverbeet and baguette sticking out the top? Freshly brewed and fragrant coffee in the other hand and a delicious bakery treat to enjoy when I get home.. what a perfect start to the weekend on a Saturday morning. My bags are for sale at my stall - not that I've had one for a while - but I think I'm getting inspired again to stock a stall.


Gaye Lincoln said...

These are lovely Sue!

PottyMouthMama said...

There is nothing like a local market. I love the sound of organic celery. LOVE it.

And I am loving your crafting prowess!