Monday, August 30, 2010

My mother the artiste...

Well I suppose I've blogged more this month than I have for many other months...does that I slightly more back in the habit? I hope so...i don't know my life is busy although I still think I was time at times. Time is precious and not every day do I make the most of it. So much of it (my time) is dictated to with work, family, commitments and then sometimes I'm the kind of person that just needs to be for 5 minutes. Today I had 1/2 hour between a drop off and pick up so I got on the computer checked emails, read a few blogs then waiting for something to down load i played scrabble. 15 minutes later I was still trying to win a game against the computer and my mind is saying to me...susan stop your time is precious and here you are wasting it playing computer scrabble...what about all the creative projects you were going to do tonight...see you''re your own worst enemy...anyway I played for a while it's still open on my computer and now I beat myself up about wasting my precious time...I think I'm going mad or already mad...Anyway by coincidence the pic I've uploaded is one of my mum's creations. My mother - Christine West - of Birregurra is a textile artist. Her talents are boundless and she is a particularly wonderful felter. The hat is just one of many on display in her studio. She is so creative and inspriring and I doubt would get distracted by solitaire, but I will ask her and check with her on "Distractions from tasks on hand" and not just laborious houseworking tasks but genuine creative, fill my heart with energy and happiness projects. I'd be interested to hear from other struggling creatives - is that what I am? Do other people do the same - do they find themselves off on some irrelevant path when that's not where they want to be. Perhaps today it's a fatigue factor - I'm feeling tired and now going to head to bed and read?

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