Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Socks on the needles

I'm doing it!  I've actually got around to starting my first every pair of knitted socks.  It's slow progress.  Tiny needles and stitches.  A big change from my big needled felted bags that have been my mainstay for the last few years of knitting.  I'm following the Cat Bordhi method.  I don't know that I'm 100% right, but it's a learning exercise this foray into the world of hand knitted socks!  There's a couple of little mistakes in the ribbing, but rather than unpick and fix - they won't matter for wearing -  I think it will be a good reference point for my second and future pairs... I'll be able to see my evolution from novice to expert :) 

I'm in trepidation of the heel instructions!


Sue xx said...

I truly believe it's good for us to push ourselves into new territory, it must be great fro our brains!!!
I've knit a few pairs now and have had great success using "Silver's Sock Class" which you should be able to find on-line, lots of pics to help ;)

Knit Witch said...

I'm in total agreement Sue - I'm determined to ward off dementia by challenging myself. It's also my excuse for drinking coffee! Thank you for the referral to silver's sock class - great!

Pange said...

Lookin' good! The heel instructions will make complete sense once you get to them. Promise. Sort of.