Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend in Review 5

A weekend plagued by headaches, that pounded away making me feel pretty lousy.  It's a regular once-a-month thing these days.  Pills help lots but it puts me in a bit of a fog.  Right now I can't even remember what I did on the weekend.

The one thing of note was that I finished "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" by David Wroblewski.  I really enjoyed the book.  It was different and beautifully written.  A story about a mute boy and his dogs.  I found the ending unexpected.  I gather that the ending of the book has been the source of debate which I found some notes about online. I was curious to find out what others thought of the book.  It's been around since 2008 so there's quite a bit on the web about it.  Read here if you're interested

I just discovered that it is the National Year of Reading here in Australia and it's almost half way through. (Must have had my nose buried in a book!) I worry constanTly that my girls don't read nearly enough. I have grown up in a family where everyone reads/trades/discusses/gives/is surrounded books. They inhabit desks, bedside and coffee tables, and shelves everywhere.  But my girls are that next generation caught up in all things digital and rarely pick up a book on a rainy afternoon.... I try to ease my concern by telling myself that they are busy teenagers with a wide range of interests.  They will come back to books and reading in the future and it is in their genes.  Their home environment exposes them to books.  They see me reading everyday...so fingers crossed osmosis is at work.  Because I cannot imagine a life without books.  Or does the future hold a life without books for future generations to come?

With the announcement of 2000 or so jobs to be cut from a newspaper printing house on the east coast.  It's a constantly changing world where the only thing certain is change as the saying goes.

I'm so glad wonderful artists captured reading.  Imagine people viewing this painting in generations to come. The description will have to explain what the subject is holding and why!

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