Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekend in Review 6

Okay so my weekend was busy and it was almost a week away. So what went on last weekend - I'm having trouble remembering and need to refer to my diary.

I want to say nothing on Friday night, but somehow I'm not sure this was the case.  No maybe it was - I remember watching Silent Witness.  Yes that's right!  I did a bit of running around after work and then watched tv.  I was knitting my socks.  Knitting my socks has highlighted that my eyesight is changing.  I can't wear my glasses and see to knit clearly, I need to have them off, but then I need them on to see the TV.  Best get to the optician soon!  I just love these little reminders of aging.  I'm a 19 year old at heart, so it kinda takes me by surprise when I realise I'm doing something like reading menus from a great distance, just like my mama and gran used to do!  Bless!

Saturday I had some girlfriends round for a Nutrimetics fabulous facial party.  It was a hoot!  We had so much fun, sitting round with our bowls and mirrors and being taken through a facial.  All helped along with champagne and nibbles.  Trying lots of lotions and potions.  We were also treated to a hand spa.  We all giggled like schoolgirls - it was a great afternoon.

Saturday night was off to a fun quiz night fundraiser for the rowing team at Penrhos College.  I came away $100 richer, winning one of the raffles.  Perfect timing, as I'd treated myself to some books on-line, which I will share with you when they arrive.

Sunday I headed off to Perth Upmarket for a little looksee.  It's been a couple of years since I had my bag stall.  It has really grown and there is some fabulous gear.  It's great to see how creative people are.  Then my friend and I went for coffee and brekky at Halo on Angelo Street in South Perth.  The scrambled eggs were absolutely YUM!  Treat yourself if you're in the area.

Sunday arvo was spent at home.  By then I was coming down with this lousy head cold.  So I just kept myself topped up with hot lemon and honey drinks.

My latest read has been "The Lavender Keeper" by Fiona McIntosh.  I picked it up due to its lavender title.  I would like to see the lavender fields of Provence - it's one of my bucket list items. And I just made my first visit to Provence (albeit for one day!) last year. Also, it's set in WWII which is another one of my favourite eras to read about.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's not in the same literary class as "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" but an easy enjoyable romantic fiction read if that's your thing. Done and dusted in a few nights of bed time reading.

I didn't realise it has a sequel, so I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

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